The Coaching View’s Developmental Coaching Program delivers ground breaking results because it is an innovative, new paradigm in coaching

Conflict Management Developmental Coaching is the next level in the art of managing conflict. It combines principles and techniques from the Alternative Dispute Resolution field with cutting edge technologies in Developmental Coaching to deliver an innovative program that provides a major upskill in conflict management ability.


Program Summary

Conflict Management Developmental Coaching takes place in one-on-one, bi-weekly, personalized coaching sessions where the coach and client facilitate new understandings, new attitudes and new resources to power up the inner game approach to managing conflict. From this space of new understanding and awareness, the client is now free to co-create with the coach, new responses and new behaviors that power up the outer game approach to managing conflict.

This is what makes our coaching program unique. We employ coaching as an accelerated learning methodology, which means not only rapidly learning new skills, but learning new ways of implementing those skills. This results in having the flexibility to creatively manage conflict in all kinds of situations, with all kinds of personalities.

We begin with a Conflict Management  Analysis using our selective diagnostic instruments. This gives the client a sound, in-depth awareness of their present inner and outer game developmental level in handling conflict.


Diagnostic Instruments

The Enneagram Personality Profile

This personality profiling tool gives awareness and insight into the client’s present way of interacting with people, dealing with challenges, dealing with pressures, how they see themselves in the face of conflict.  We can view these ways of being in terms of habituated thinking patterns, attitude, behaviors, responses and reactions. They bring to light the strengths and liabilities of one’s personality.


Conflict Management Mode Instrument

This self awareness tool reveals the client’s preferred style of handling conflict from one of 6 Conflict Management Modes and highlights the strengths and liabilities of that style.  All styles are examined and compared so the client learns how their preferred style of handling conflict interacts with each of the other styles.  After using this instrument, it is common for people to experience amazing insights about themselves and others behavior in conflict situations.


Well Formed Outcome Survey

Is the Coaching pre-work completed by the client to help them identify their current personal, professional and organizational needs and to create Key Performance Indicators (KPI) as benchmarks in measuring the effectiveness of the coaching progress.  The means the client has a measurable standard to assess the value of the program to them and their organization.

We call it R.O.E., return-on-effectiveness.


Program Delivery

The Conflict Management Developmental Coaching Program is traditionally delivered in a coaching cycle consisting of 6 bi-weekly sessions over a 3 month period. The program is tailored to the individual’s or organization’s specific outcome as clarified in the Well Formed Outcome Survey. Each coaching session and coaching practice is focused on delivering the agreed upon KPIs.

In order to serve individuals, businesses and organizations here in the U.S. and throughout the world, The Coaching View offers our Conflict Management  Developmental Coaching Program  in offline (face-to-face) coaching sessions [in the U.S.],  online (face-to-face live video—Skype,  Go-To-Meeting, Zoom, etc.) or coaching sessions via telephone. We have found that participants get the significant benefits of growth, development and well-being from this program, equally in in-person face-to-face, video or telephone sessions.

Organizations wanting group or team conflict management coaching can benefit from our on-site Conflict Management Developmental Coaching Program.  Call us to discuss.


Program Benefits

Research has shown that 30%-40% of supervisors’ and managers’ daily activities are devoted to dealing with conflicts in the workplace. It also shows that organizations where the workforce is engaged, where people feel connected…and adopt self-managing principles are consistently more successful…


The Benefits of Conflict Management Developmental Coaching you and our organization:

  • Reduced time spent dealing with conflicts and disagreements between employees, team members, staff; more time for productive work
  • Understanding of one’s own and others dispute resolution style and the triggers that may be counterproductive to effective conflict management
  • The ability to listen to a person in a way that makes them feel heard and understood.
  • Increased ability to create powerful rapport with employees, staff, colleagues
  • Alternative ways to replace habitual and counterproductive behaviors when facing conflict
  • How to separate the 2 sides of every conflict—people and issues and how to keep them separate when discussing the situation
  • Effective ways of identifying the real issues and needs, yours and others, that are often behind the surface issues in a dispute
  • Acquire a range of communication skills for addressing conflict and the related emotions
  • Have an actual system you can quickly use when conflict and disagreement arise, that keeps things from escalating

Who is Conflict Management Developmental Coaching For?

The Coaching View’s Conflict Management Developmental Coaching is specifically for executives, managers, supervisors, team leaders, customer service personnel and those who require a range of skills to properly perform their job functions, with minimal tension due to conflict

Conflict Management Developmental Coaching
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