The Tao of Self Leadership

Self Leadership is having the mindset you need when you need it

The ability to manage yourself in all aspects of your life is the key to having success in your life.

It was Chinese philosopher and author of the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu who said: “…he who conquers himself is mighty…” This quality is called Self Leadership.

The Coaching View’s 3-Day Self-Leadership Program provides you with practical techniques you can use immediately to take charge of your life. This program gives you the tools to lead and manage your thoughts, emotions and behaviors positively. These are the competency skills for developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

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Who Is This Program For:


This program is for people who want to be more effective in living the life they want. People who realize that, no matter where their role is, they are leaders in some aspect of their lives be it parenting, coaching, managing, leading a team, running a business or leading a corporation. They understand that to effectively lead others, you must first lead yourself.


People Who Have Taken This Program Are:

  • Executives

  • Managers

  • Directors

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Speakers

  • Coaches

  • Community Leaders

  • Real Estate Brokers

  • Principals

Those who want to develop their leadership skills and understand that leadership begins with self.

What Can You Expect From The Tao of Self Leadership Program

“Self-leadership is the process by which you influence yourself to achieve your objectives.”                                                                                                                              Forbes Magazine

  • Become Aware Of Your True Purpose and Intention.
  • Lead and Manage Your emotions positively.
  • Step Into Your Power, Re-Energize Your Enthusiasm, Step Up Your Performance.
  • Take charge of your internal self-talk and set aside negative thinking.
  • Be Increasingly Responsible and Accountable For Your Behavior.
  • Facilitate others to be Increasingly Responsible and Accountable for their behavior.
  • Take on empowering beliefs t o ensure your success and dismiss self sabotaging limiting beliefs
  • Lock In a mindset of focused self-discipline and ownership of your goals.
  • Never be intimidated, anxious or fearful of the challenges you face

From This Self Leadership Program You’ll Get The Skills For:

  • Self-Awareness
    Clarity about who you are, what you want and what is truly important to you
  • Personal Mastery
    The ability to take charge of your responses, emotions, and behavior
  • Authentic Communication
    Speak from the heart, speak your truth, speak congruently
  • Self-Leadership Mental Strategies
    Set aside excuses and setbacks from inhibiting your performance
  • Self-Leadership Behavioral Strategies
     Stop the disempowering behaviors that hold you back
  • Influence and Achieving Goals
    Be able to create real engagement for yourself and those you lead.
  • Personal Develop Plan
    Live authentically, Identify What Is Most Important To You, Set Outcomes

Your life is a venture, and you are the leader of that venture. Are you ready to finally learn new strategies for living your life with more focus, more grace, more power, more ease and more joy. Are you ready to take control….we’d love to help you unleash yourself to your fullest potential.


For maximum accessibility the program can be delivered locally, on location, in-house, or in a private 1-1 or small group format.

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USA +1 703-493-1408

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