Achieve ground breaking results with our Developmental Coaching Program

The Coaching View’s Developmental Coaching Program delivers ground breaking results because it is an innovative, new paradigm in coaching.


Our Personal Development Coaching program delivers a compassionate, supportive, challenging environment that allows individuals to empower themselves and take responsibility for the full development of their potential. You will walk away with clarity and focus about who you are, what you want, and how you will get it.

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Program Overview

  • 3 months Coaching Program

  • 6 sessions

  • 1 session every two weeks

Sessions can be done face-to-face, via Skype or by phone.

Program Outline

Our coaching program is tailored to your specific needs. This means we want to get to know you and have you get to know us; to see if we’re the right program for you and if you’re a fit for us. The first step is simple, we have an acquainted meeting. It is a Self-Discovery Session

Self-Discovery Session

During the Self-Discovery Session, we’ll work together to identify what it is you really want and what might be slowing you down or stopping you from getting it and how . You’ll walk away with a crystal clear understanding, knowledge, awareness of your personal biggest stumbling block to getting what you want and what to do about it. Most people are amazed at the insights they gain from this session. A statement we often hear at the end of the Self-Discovery Session is:

“I can’t believe I got so much clarity from just one session.”

We then, begin the coaching program with an agreed upon “developmental theme”. The “developmental theme” is the barrier, challenge or stumbling block which, if improved or removed, would have the biggest, most immediate success impact on your life. This is how our program is tailored to your specific needs.

Each session will focus on two key things:

  1. New Insights—these will be new awareness of how you think and experience your world…allowing you to ‘think about your thinking’ and seeing blind spots or gaining new insights you’d never seen before—mastering ‘the inner game’. New realizations lead to new solutions.
  2. New Actions—these include on-going practices to bolster and lock in the new strategies, responses, and ways of being needed to reach your Developmental coaching outcomes. New actions, new responses, new behaviors lead to new results.

What Can You Expect from Development Coaching

These are the Results You’ll Get from this unique Coaching Program:

  • Accelerate your personal and professional growth and development through challenging times
  • To generate more focus and connection with what really matters to you, discover your personal purpose
  • More self awareness of your personality and behaviors—know why you’re doing what you’re doing
  • Run your own brain – take ownership of your personal powers: speech, thought, feeling, behavior decide how you will respond, instead of just reacting to the situation.
  • Speak and live your truth – no matter what is going on in the environment…have the courage to be you
  • Improve your ability to connect and relate with others
  • Create more effective rapport with others
  • Create more intimacy with those who matter most to you
  • Become more personally powerful, which makes you more professionally influential—up your career
  • Communicate more effectively – hear/listen to, and speak to others in a more meaningful and powerful way—to be able to have those crucial conversations when necessary.
  • Become more persuasive by understanding others better than they understand themselves
  • Realize, Actualize and Maximize your potential

This is an Investment. What’s My Return?

Yes!  You are investing in yourself and your future, and you want to know the return on your investment We Agree. That’s why we provide…

Ongoing Objective Coaching Evidence

At the end of every three sessions, we (coach and client) review the program and you tell us:

  • Are we on track, are we going in the right direction
  • Are you getting objective results, for example– “I used to get upset when someone criticized my work, now when I hear it, I take it as feedback, check for accuracy, and look at it as a possible way to improve”  That is objective ROI.
  • Is the Coaching delivering the high level of value to make it sustainable…are you getting what you came for, etc.

We are confident that the answers will be a resounding YES!

“The coaching session really made a deep impact actually, it’s effected all my current decisions and my interactions with others and my parents A L OT. I’m surprised that just a set of a few questions could create that powerful a change, without trance.”


Charles G.

Los Angeles, CA  USA

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USA +1 703-493-1408

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