Delivers groundbreaking results because they are an innovative, new paradigm in coaching and training..

The Mediation Developmental Coaching/Training Program is the next level in the art of mediation training. It combines principles and techniques from the Alternative Dispute Resolution field with cutting edge technologies in Developmental Coaching to deliver an innovative training program that takes the skills of mediation to a higher level of effectiveness.

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Program Summary

Mediation Developmental Coaching is delivered as a 5-day training program where the art and skill of communication, needs analysis, and mediation are taught in an experiential, easy to understand combination of lecture, inter-active discussion, small group exercises and simulated mediation sessions. This unique program combines state-of-the-art training in communication dynamics, coaching techniques and mediation processes.  This means that participants gain the skills to help conflicting parties define their issues clearly, understand each other’s position and identify pathways to resolution.

Program Content

Our program teaches the structure and process of mediation from introduction and framework, each parties’ view of the situation, identification of issues, individual sessions (if requested or required) brainstorming of solutions, possible resolution options, agreement and follow-up. The process of mediator as a facilitator, allowing those involved in the conflict to shape the solution themselves, is emphasized throughout the training.

What sets our Mediation Developmental Coaching Program apart from other trainings are the powerful coaching models that we incorporate into the mediation process. This results in participants learning insightful and creative coaching and facilitative techniques to, not only mediate conflicts when required, but to manage disagreements and challenges before they escalate to the level of conflict. Think of it as preventative maintenance for conflict management. These unique models are:

The NLP Communications Model

Fundamental communication skills are especially important in conflict management.

This powerful communications model teaches skills such as multi-level listening, checking for accuracy in what is being said, asking open-ended questions, reflecting, and hearing wholly, empathetically and asking about what is ‘not being said’.

The Conflict Management Mode Instrument

This self awareness tool reveals the parties preferred style of handling conflict from one of

6 Conflict Management Modes and highlights the strengths and liabilities of that style.  Parties learn how their preferred style of handling conflict interacts with the others’ style. This process goes beyond just focusing on the issues of the mediation and into focusing on the coping styles of the parties in mediation. The result is that it becomes easier to ‘separate the person from the problem’, which can have a massive impact on quickly moving the mediation process forward.

The Precision Language and Questioning Model

Oftentimes miscommunication is a major component in conflict. Unexpressed, not clearly expressed or misunderstood expectations, requests, instructions can lead to misunderstandings about intentions, motivations or behaviors. Knowing how to ask precise questions in a way that gets to the heart of the matter quickly is essential in clearly identifying the real issues in mediation.

Knowing how to ask questions that get to the true meanings behind the words used, that clarify ideas and concepts like “respect”, “co-operation”, “sensitivity”, “oversight”, “flexibility” allows the mediator and the parties to get a clear understanding of exactly what they are wanting to communicate to one another.  This creates a space of openness and enhances trust in the process; both essential characteristics of an effective mediation environment.

Program Benefits

  • Better able to respond to conflict situations involving staff, colleagues, teams members,
  • Understanding conflict response styles
  • Distinguish between parties’ positions and interests
  • Identify the negotiable issues
  • Personalized coaching with feedback
  • Learn the core skills of an effective mediator
  • Understand the process and procedure of a structured mediation
  • Acquire the skills used to assist parties with divergent interests to reach a resolution
  • Understanding of how cultural issues affect conflict
  • Help parties engage in creative problem solving
  • Engage in simulated mediations to develop an understanding of the process
  • Trainer has over 15 years experience as a mediator and developmental coach

Why You Need This Program

Due to the nature of interpersonal human relationships, the need for conflict resolution skills can arise in any situation. This training program provides key negotiation, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills that are transferable to a variety of fields, and can help you in nearly any career or position.

Research has shown that 30%-40% of supervisors’ and managers’ daily activities are devoted to dealing with conflicts in the workplace. Having personnel who are proficient in mediation skills will enhance productivity, increase engagement and lay the foundation for a high performing organization.

Whether you have a formal Alternative Dispute Resolution Department, employ an ombudsman, have designated conflict management staff, want a more empowered workforce or just want to enhance your own professional skills, this program gives you the skills you need.

Mediation Developmental Coaching Program

It’s Mediation Training…for the Present…and the Future

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