Before working with Sterling I was more reactionary, positive or negative, in my responses during conversations. Now that I have a better understanding of the different ways various people process information, my interactions are more productive and my responses during conversations more effective. Any skepticism of this technique I had before working with Sterling quickly vanished just after one meeting. This really works!

Claire T. Arlington, VA USAInterior Designer/Business Owner

I first encountered Mr. Sterling Harris when I was going through a very difficult time in my life.  My lack of control over my anger had led me into a dire situation. After meeting with Sterling, I realized that the world was not going to change and that only I could change.  However, Sterling did more than just giving me this hard piece of wisdom.  Sterling worked with me and taught me various techniques I could use to control my anger. He helped me explore and pinpoint the root causes of my anger from my past.  After going to Sterling for a few sessions I was able to master some techniques I could use to control my anger.  As a result of going to Sterling, I was able to get through this very dire and difficult situation.  Now, things have improved in my life greatly, and, more importantly, I have developed new skills and abilities to control not only my anger but all my undesirable emotions.

Thank you very much. I have learned that we have total control over our way of thinking. I have learned valuable ways to manage my anger and my feelings.

Vivek P.Attorney-At-Law

“Sterling, you have done it again with your newest class on neurosemantics! Your persuasive techniques opened my eyes to several communication tools that I hadn’t thought of using in my body language classes. As a detecting deception and body language expert, I put to use your techniques practically immediately and the results have been amazing! Thanks a million!”

Janine DriverBest Selling Author, "Lyin' Tamer - The Body Language Expert"

The coaching session really made a deep impact actually, it’s effected all my current decisions and my interactions with others and my parents A L OT. I’m surprised that just a set of a few questions could create that powerful a change, without trance.

Charles G. Los Angeles, CA USAAdministrative

Dear Sterling, Once again you were a hit! The attendees at last night’s program on Self-Hypnosis for Keeping your New Year Resolutions raved about you on their way past the information desk. And I heard the same compliments from our staff members who attended! The praises included such words as, “Excellent” and “Wonderful program,” “Very well-presented”. Thank you!

I also want to thank you for sharing your expertise with the people of our
community, and I hope we can welcome you to Bull Run again in the future.

Dolores M. Bowman, Lake Ridge, VALibrarian / Program Coordinator Bull Run Regional Library