The Coaching View’s NLP Master Practitioner Certification Program is where you master the skills of NLP to a whole new way depth.

The Coaching View’s NLP Master Practitioner Training gives you 14 days of deep depth mastery into the core components of Meta-NLP, Neuro Semantics and Meta-States.  

You will learn the mastery of NLP through discussion, exploring, experimenting and applying what you learn in a very hands-on manner. This means that every NLP technique that you’ve learned becomes much more powerful and effective as you move from comprehension to mastery.

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Become an internationally certified NLP Master Practitioner

When you successfully complete this course you will be an internationally certified through the International Society of Neuro-Semantics. The premiere NLP training organization that is recognized in over 40 countries world-wide.

Our NLP system is known worldwide for its rigorous standards, benchmarks and code of ethics. You will receive the top-level NLP skills, the cutting-edge skills of NeuroSemantics and the state-of-the-art Meta States Model.

What Will You Learn

  • Introduction to NLP Mastery: Mastering NLP, Well Formed Outcome for Mastery, Your Top Ten Mastery States and more
  • Meta-States Mastery: Understanding Meta States as reflexive levels of mind, beyond static logical levels. The meta-state components of thinking, feeling, emoting. How and why Self Confidence, Depression, Anxiety and other attitudes, thinking and feelings are all meta-states and how to construct and deconstruct them.
  • Trance Mastery: The meta-levels of trance. Hypnotic Inductions, Training Trances, Creating conversational Trans Derivational Search and more.
  • Meta-Program Mastery: In Depth exploration at one of the most powerful domains in NLP. Perceptual Filters, habituated ways of thinking. Learn to understand personality structure and the cognitive programs driving behaviors.
  • Mind Lines Mastery:  Conversational reframe skills for reframing meaning.  26 reframing patterns of persuasion and influence that change meanings at the higher levels of mind.
  • Modeling Mastery: Using sub-modalities for exploring and unpacking the structure of experience. Identify, unpack and duplicate strategies of behavior. Modeling is the advanced study that demonstrates and teaches you the very processes that created NLP.

Learn Mastery of NLP as You Learn Master of Yourself


NLP is the objective study of subjective experience, so while we’ll be focused on training you in the mastery of NLP, you will also be learning self mastery as well.

Throughout this training you will be learning about yourself, how you have been conditioned to be the person you are. What meta-programs you habitually run and probably didn’t even realize that you were running them. What your beliefs and meta-beliefs and identities are.

When you leave this training, you will not only have a mastery of NLP but a deeper insight into your own personality structure and ways to enhance and advance your level of self actualization.

Are you ready to unleash mastery?


The NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course is a 14-Day experience that will give you the capacity to live the life you choose. The ability to set aside all the old habits and patterns that didn’t serve you and to release the awakened, centered, authentic version of the you that was always there.


The Coaching View is the leading company for training in Meta-NLP for personal and professional development in the Washington, D.C. area. All our NLP trainers are certified trainers of NLP and qualified across a wide spectrum of personal and professional development.

Who should attend this program?

  • Executives, Leaders & Managers who know that better performance in their organization at all levels comes through engaged, empowered, self motivated, self managing employees.
  • New Managers, New Supervisors who want to maximize their effectiveness and infuse their team with a powerfully productive new leadership style.
  • Experienced Executives who realize the need to upskill or update their communication, facilitation and coaching abilities
  • Teams committed to becoming a high performance unit
  • Leaders who understand that the future of productivity lies in creating self actualizing organizations.
  • Entrepreneurs who realize that their greatest asset is their ability to influence, persuade and connect with people.

The NLP Program will benefit Leaders, Managers and Executives who want higher performance and more inclusive leadership.

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USA +1 703-493-1408

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