Develop your communication and leadership skills with Leadership Development Coaching Program

The Coaching View’s Leadership Coaching Program is designed for leaders who want to get the best from their organization by being the best leaders of their organization


Leadership Development Coaching Program is for individuals who are ready to evolve as effective, highly functional leaders, to develop their communication and leadership skills and to engage themselves and their people towards their fullest potential.

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Program Overview

  • 3 months Coaching Program

  • 6 sessions

  • 1 session every two weeks

Leadership Coaching is delivered in one-on-one personalized sessions.

Program Delivery

The Leadership Developmental Coaching Program is typically delivered as a cycle of 6 bi-weekly coaching sessions over 3 months.  Each cycle transcends and builds upon the previous one to deepen and expand the emerging leadership development structures uncovered through each coaching session and coaching practice. It’s about realigning your thoughts and behaviors so that you can excel in, enrich and invigorate the full spectrum of leadership throughout your organization.


In order to serve leaders, executives, managers or teams here in the U.S. and throughout the world, The Coaching View offers our Leadership  Developmental Coaching Program  in offline (face-to-face) coaching sessions [in the U.S.],  online (face-to-face live video—Skype,  Go-To-Meeting, Zoom, etc.) or coaching sessions via telephone. We have found that participants get the significant benefits of growth, development and well-being from this program, equally in in-person face-to-face, video or telephone sessions.

Leadership program Benefits

Research has shown that organizations that achieve continuous high levels of employee engagement are creative, innovative, productive and resilient in the face of changing circumstances are more successful. It begins with leadership.

By engaging in Leadership Developmental Coaching your leader can expect:

  • Increased Self Awareness of your thoughts, beliefs, personality, behaviors, habits and communication style as a leader
  • Deep Foundational understanding of the critical distinction of “Leading” vs “Managing”
  • Increased ability to create powerful rapport with peers, colleagues, stakeholders up and down the organizational chart
  • Create a meaningful, engaging leadership vision that the people you lead are excited to buy into and be a part of
  • Deliver impartial, objective, actionable feedback to followers, peers, colleagues, stakeholders up and down the organizational chart
  • Effectively, objectively set and/or lead the organization’s culture
  • Embody a leadership that inspires a healthy, highly functional, high performing environment
  • Develop growth in the capacity to see and hold multiple perspectives of any given situation, to make broader informed decisions
  • Create impartial external accountability to organizational outcomes

Our Coaching Lenses and Diagnostics

At The Coaching View we’ve learned that effective developmental coaching starts with a solid foundation. Our selective diagnostic instruments provide a sound, measurable basis to begin that process. In addition, they facilitate an objective awareness of the Leader’s thinking, their attitude, their sense of self (beliefs, values, identity), their style and approach (behaviors). Using these tools before the first session gives us significant insight and allows us to hit the ground running.

The Enneagram Personality Profile

This personality profiling tool gives awareness and insight into the Leader’s present way of interacting with people, dealing with challenges, delegating tasks, viewing their role as leader, etc. We can view these circumstances in terms of habituated thinking patterns, attitude, behaviors, responses and reactions.

The Self Review process and Well-Formed Outcome Survey

The Self Review process and WFO survey is the Coaching pre-work completed by the Leader to help them identify their current personal, professional and organizational needs.

Lines of Development

Lines of Development include Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Moral Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence (relationship), Needs Intelligence, Somatic (embodiment) Intelligence and many more. The Lines of Development lens looks at the Leader’s current level of capacity and competency in each of the 10 key Developmental Intelligence Lines. Aligning these lines with the Leader’s Coaching topic and outcomes allows us to identify developmental blind spots and address them.

Developmental Stages Assessment (Optional)

The Developmental Stages Assessment is an assessment methodology for human development, devised by Terri O’Fallon, Ph.D. This stage assessment maps your meaning making by identifying your current worldview (stage of human development). Created from Developmental Psychology, this assessment is particularly useful for Leadership and Organizational Development.

Who is Leadership Coaching For?

The Coaching View’s Leadership Developmental Coaching is specifically for Leaders and Directors who want to lead themselves and others to excellence. It is for those leaders who care about their organization’s purpose, its people and its future and are ready to take the lead.

The Coaching Program will benefit Executive Leaders, Directors, Teams, who want higher performance and more inclusive leadership.

“The coaching session really made a deep impact actually, it’s effected all my current decisions and my interactions with others and my parents A L OT. I’m surprised that just a set of a few questions could create that powerful a change, without trance.”


Charles G.

Los Angeles, CA  USA

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