What is the one skill that every successful entrepreneur, celebrity, influencer, politician, manager, business executive, leader, speaker, coach have in common. They know how to powerfully and effectively communicate with people.


Communications expert, Debra Hamilton says that miscommunication cost small companies an average of $420,000 per year.  With large corporations the cost is over $60 million per year.

And of course the personal costs in fractured relationships, career stagnation and life stress is immeasurable.

That’s why we created the Communication Genius Power webinar program. Now you can learn the foundations of how to communicate like the power influencers do.

In the Communication Genius Power webinar program you’ll get the Neuro Linguistic Communication Model. A model of exactly how we receive, process and feedback our experience. You will see exactly what happens inside the mind, when you communicate with someone and when you are communicated with by someone.

This model has its roots in cognitive psychology, neuroscience, self actualization psychology and neuro-linguistic programming.

And we’ve distilled down to the crucial elements, so you get the essentials of what really works.

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You'll Learn:

  • Exactly how to pitch your ideas, to your boss, your employees, your stakeholders…do they like to receive information…all at once or in detailed chunks…
  • To make sales easier by knowing what your client’s buying motivation triggers are…do they want to solve problems…or get results…
  • You will even learn specific words to use that will push their agreement buttons…
  • Imagine being able to listen to someone and immediately know how to respond in a way that makes them say “Yes! You Really Get Me”.
  • It’s almost like having jedi mind-meld power to know what and how people are thinking.
  • Your confidence in your ability to persuade and influence will skyrocket
  • This program will teach you the secret of: how to talk to anyone; the way they talk to themselves. And this secret creates massive rapport.
  • The three major blockages to clear communication and how you can elegantly and effectively navigate them.

Today it’s often said that we live in the information age, but the real truth is that we are living in the communication age.

Forbes Magazine says “… it’s not enough to just come up with big ideas, you also need to (be able) to work hard to communicate them clearly.

Stephen M.R. Covey, author of business best seller The Speed of Trust says

“The first step in building trust is establishing rapport”

Personal Development Expert, Tony Robbins says “the key to winning people over and getting them to say YES! is understanding how communication models actually work.”

The Communication Genius Program goes beyond mere rapport building techniques and gives you an actual blueprint of how the communication process works inside our minds. With this cutting edge model, you can develop the flexibility to adapt your communication style to the people you communicate with, for maximum impact.

In today’s world, good communication skills are more than just key to success in life, work and relationships. They are essential.

Grab This Program…And Get Ready for a Communication Skills Upgrade

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